“The Life Cycle of Theban Tomb 16” Professor Suzanne Onstine, 7th March 2021

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Since 2008 the University of Memphis team has been documenting and digging in TT16, which belonged to a chanter named Panehsy and his wife, Tarenu, also a chantress. Over the next several hundred years the tomb was also re-used by scores of people as their final resting places. Finally, the tomb was looted in the 20th century. In the lecture, the changing face of funerary practices will be explored as well as a number of interesting features of the decoration which give us a sense of the individuality of the tomb owners.

Professor Suzanne Onstine is an Associate Professor at the University of Memphis and director of the University of Memphis Mission to Theban Tomb 16 which has been working in the tomb since 2008. Learn more on the project’s instagram page and blog.

This talk was given at the March 2021 meeting of the Essex Egyptology Group, which was held online via Zoom on 7th March 2021 – click here to download the review of this meeting.