Sundays 3:00pm ~ 5:00pm
The Barn. Spring Lodge Community Centre, Powers Hall End, Witham, Essex CM8 2HE.

4th February
Dr Ramadan Hussein
Saite Tombs at Saqqara
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4th March
Taneash Sidpura
Flies, Lions and Oysters: Military Awards or Tea for Two
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8th April
Dr Susanne Bickell
New Research in the Kings’ Valley. Tombs for the Family of Amenhotep III
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21st April
Study Day: Deir el-Medina: a never-ending story (This is a ticketed event)
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13th May
Dr Robert Morkot
Kings from Kush: Egypt’s 25th Dynasty

3rd June
Vincent Oeters
The Tomb of Tatia at Saqqara
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1st July
Dr Ilona Regulski
Papyrus Berlin P.10480-82: A Middle Kingdom mortuary ritual reflected in writing
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5th August
Our delayed speaker from March + AGM

2nd September
Dr Paul Collins
Egypt’s Origins: the view from Mesopotamia and Iran
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7th October
Gersande Eschenbrenner-Dieme
Exploring Egypt through woodcraft
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4th November
Dr Margaret Mountford
An Introduction to Papyrology

2nd December 2018
Helen Strudwick
The coffins of Nespawershefyt and Pakepu at the Fitzwilliam Museum
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