About Us

Formed in 2005, Essex Egyptology Group members and visitors enjoy a stimulating programme of talks and study days. Speakers have included Egyptologists reporting on their own projects, such as Dr Renee Friedman (excavations at Hierakonpolis), Dr Elena Pischikova (twenty-fifth and twenty-sixth dynasty tombs in the South Asasif), Ana Tavares (Gizah Mapping Project) and Dr Hannah Pethen (Gurob Harem Palace Project, Hatnub quarries); speakers from leading universities and Egyptological institutions (including Dr Nigel Strudwick from Cambridge University, Dr Chris Naunton from the Egypt Exploration Society), as well as PhD candidates presenting the latest research in Egyptology, independent researchers (eg. Dylan Bickerstaffe) and Inspectors from the Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities.

Our website is updated regularly and our Facebook page has proved popular (Essex Egyptology Group uk).

Visits to museums are an important part of the Group’s events. We have visited the British Museum’s store (where items not on display are kept), the Fitzwilliam (Cambridge), the Ashmolean Museum and Griffith Institute (Oxford), the Petrie Museum (London), the Manchester Museum and the Egypt Exploration Society’s archive.

We have fundraising activities each year and have recently contributed to the South Abydos Excavation Project, Egypt Exploration Society, Friends of the Petrie Museum and the educational work of the Egyptian gallery in the Ipswich museum.

The social side of the Group’s activities is also important and meetings feature raffles and delicious cakes.

The Essex Egyptology Group gives you the opportunity to make contact with people who share a passion for Egypt and to extend your knowledge in a congenial atmosphere.