The Chapel of Osiris-Ptah Neb-ankh

The Chapel of Osiris-Ptah Neb-ankh
Dr Essam Nagy

This talk was given at the December 2023 meeting of the Essex Egyptology Group which was held at 15.00 BST on 3 December 2023 on Zoom. 

The Chapel of Osiris-Ptah neb-ankh is located outside the Tenth Pylon of Amun-Re temple at Karnak along Sphinx Avenue to the Mut Complex.  The chapel was constructed by the Twenty-fifth Dynasty Kings Taharqa and Tanutamun.  The structure was in urgent need of consolidation due to strain from earlier 1921-1922 preservation efforts.  The surrounding site is under threat from degradation and invasive plant life.

This Egyptian archaeological mission and research project is focusing on the documentation conservation and excavation of the Chapel of Osiris-Ptah Neb-ankh, and its surrounding area.  The mission managed to conduct large conservation, restoration, excavation, and reconstruction seasons to restore the chapel after the first restoration happened in 1921-1922.  This talk will shed light on the recent work that happened recently in the area by the Egyptian mission headed by Dr Essam Nagy.

Dr Essam Nagy is an Egyptologist and the Fieldwork & Engagement Manager for The Egypt Exploration Society. He is the Director of the Osiris-Ptah Neb-ankh Research Project (OPNARP).