Deir el Medina – an Artists’ Community in Ancient Egypt with Suzanne Bojtos

Deir el Medina – an Artists’ Community in Ancient Egypt

Date: Sunday 12 May
Time: 15.00 GMT
Location: In person at Spring Lodge Community Centre, Powers Hall End, Witham CM8 2HE
Tickets: Free for members and £6 for non-members. Non-Members do not need to book, payment can be taken on the door.

For our May meeting we explore the fascinating world of Deir el Medina with Suzanne Bojtos.

Deir el Medina was a village in western Thebes that housed a community of workmen who built and decorated the royal tombs in the Valley of Kings. This is our most important source of evidence for towns and villages in Egypt. In the lecture Suzanne will discuss the layout of the village, some of the people who lived there and their written communications that give us a picture of everyday life. The villagers also built tombs for themselves and archaeologists found many interesting objects used in everyday life.  Suzanne will also touch upon the religious beliefs of this community.