Textiles from Theban Tomb 298 at Deir el-Medinah: First Survey and First Observations with Amandine Merat

Textiles from Theban Tomb 298 at Deir ed-Medina: First Survey and First Observations

Date: Sunday 4 August
Time: 15.00 BST
Location: Online on Zoom
Tickets: Free members | £6 for guests.

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During the period January 18–January 26 2022, the study of the textiles found in the Theban Tomb of Baki (TT298, reign of Sethi 1st) at Deir el-Medinah was undertaken.

The objectives of this first study season were to get an overview and a better understanding of the material discovered in the tomb, its condition, amount and nature, and to make a start with the analyses of a few samples, as part of the preparation of the overall study to take place in the next seasons. Despite a limited time on-site, great discoveries and observations were already made during this first survey, the results of which will be presented in this talk.

Amandine Merat is an Archaeologist and Researcher in Egyptology, with a specialisation in ancient and archaeological textiles. She graduated from the Ecole du Louvre, Paris in 2010, and worked as a curator at the Louvre Museum, Paris (2010-12), the Bode Museum, Berlin (2012-13) and more recently the British Museum, London (2013-19).

Now an independent scholar, she works as a textile specialist on varied projects and archaeological sites in Egypt (Tell el-Amarna, El Sheikh Fadl, Hisn el-Bab/Aswan and Elephantine Island). In January 2022, she joined the Deir el-Medinah team (led by Cedric Larcher, IFAO) to undertake the study of the textiles found in TT298 (Tomb of Baki, reign of Sethi I).