Dr. Nigel Strudwick will look at the people of the Old Kingdom through the written word. It was at this time that continuous texts first appeared. Kings left decrees of exemptions for temples and officials created elaborate tombs with inscriptions. Some early papyri show ordinary people at work and give clues to the temple rituals.

Nigel Strudwick is an Egyptologist whose interests lie in the Old Kingdom and in the archaeology and history of Thebes. He has worked in universities and museums, and has excavated on the West Bank of Thebes since 1984. He has published many books and articles on these topics, including publications of Theban tombs as well as more popular works such as Thebes in Egypt with Helen Strudwick.

Books include

1 The Administration of Egypt in the Old Kingdom, London, KPI, 1985.
2 The Tombs of Amenhotep, Khnummose, and Amenmose (TT294, 253, and 254), Oxford, Griffith Institute, 1996.
3 The Legacy of Lord Carnarvon: Miniatures from Ancient Egypt and the Valley of the Kings. Catalogue of an Exhibition April–September 2001 at the University of Wyoming Art Museum, Laramie, Wyoming, 2001.
4 The tomb of Amenemopet called Tjanefer, ADAIK 19, German Archaeological Institute, Cairo, 2003.
5 (with J.H. Taylor) Mummies: Death and the Afterlife. Catalogue of an Exhibition at the Bowers Museum of Cultural Art, Santa Ana, California, 2005.
6 Texts of the Pyramid Age, Writings of the Ancient World, Society of Biblical Literature, Atlanta, 2005.
7 (with E.R. Russmann and T.G.H. James) Temples and Tombs: Treasures of Egyptian Art from The British Museum. Catalogue of a Travelling Exhibition 2006-08. New York and Seattle 2006.
8 Masterpieces of the Egyptian Collection of the British Museum. London 2006.
9 (with H.M. Strudwick) Thebes in Egypt. London British Museum Press, 1999.
10 Pocket Dictionary of Ancient Egyptian Mummies, British Museum Press, 2004.
11 The Hieroglyph Detective, Duncan Baird Publishers. London and San Francisco 2010.

and many articles. He is presently completing the editing of the publication of Theban tomb 99.


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