Paolo Scremin is the Photographer and Deputy Field Director of the Oxford Expedition to Egypt (OEE) and an Academic Visitor of Linacre College, Oxford.

OEE consists of a group of professionals who are undertaking a variety of projects that relate to the study of Ancient Egypt during the period generally referred to as the ‘Pyramid Age’, or ‘Old Kingdom’ (c. 2650 – 2150 BC). Since 1995, OEE has been affiliated academically to Linacre College, University of Oxford. All members work voluntarily for the Expedition and raise funds through grants, self-publishing, talks and day-schools. More details can be found on the OEE website.

In this talk Paolo Scremin introduces the audience to the team and the work of the Oxford Expedition to Egypt. He will briefly explain how they set up the Expedition, where they live and work in Egypt, what they are documenting and why. He will then show how they photograph the monuments and talk about the equipment and techniques used and developed over the years, and solutions to the problems they encounter.


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