Ilona Regulski is the curator responsible for the papyrus collection and other inscribed material in the collection, including the Rosetta Stone, at the British Museum. Her areas of expertise include epigraphy and palaeography from the Early Dynastic period until the beginning of the New Kingdom with a (recent) focus on Middle Kingdom material culture and ritual narrative.

Ilona Regulski’s academic research has focused on the written culture of Ancient Egypt with a particular interest in material features of scripts and handwritings within their social context. Previous work concentrated on epigraphy and palaeography first-hand, an approach that materialized in a palaeographic study of early writing in Egypt. In an attempt to contextualise writing, she initiated a new research project investigating the deep history of the Asyut region (middle Egypt); once one of the most influential local hubs for the creation and dissemination of written culture in Egypt.


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